What's So Important About Soil?

The health of your plants depends on it!

Most people think of bugs and disease as the major problems with plants when it is actually the soil. 


What makes a soil healthy?

Soil is more than dirt! It is made up of minerals (the dirt part), but also water, air, and organic material – dead and alive, and critters. Yes, critters. Soil is teaming with life! Did you know that a teaspoon of healthy soil contains more critters than there are people on earth?  These critters consist of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, yeasts, algae, nematodes, worms, etc. and live in a soil food web where energy and nutrients pass from one organism to another in a network. Without these critters in the soil, we would not have life on earth. They participate in many activities that assist in soil formation, plant health and growth.