Water is Inexpensive!

The actual cost of your water is very low; however, getting it to you safely and reliably requires a lot of infrastructure, procedures, and regulatory compliance.  

Take a look at your last water bill. Most bills show the quantity of water used in a unit of measure called a “CCF.” It is defined as “Centum Cubic Feet” or 100 cubic feet. “Centum” is Latin for “one hundred.” Each of these units equals 748 gallons. Some water agencies use a less commonly used unit of 1,000 gallons of water. Multiply your units by the number of gallons per unit to see your total water use in gallons. It will likely be in the thousands of gallons per month. Divide your water bill dollar amount by the gallons of water used to get the price per gallon. You will see the price of water is actually quite a bargain. 

Let’s say you used 20 units of water in one billing period (approximately 30 days), and the bill for this period was $130.

20 units x 748 gallons/unit = 
14,960 gallons used for the month