What is Sustainable Landscaping?

What exactly is a "sustainable landscape" and how can  you create your own? Simply put, sustainable landscaping involves selecting plants that are adapted to your climate and microclimate, and implementing environmentally sound maintenance practices.

Benefits of sustainable landscaping include:

Hummingbird mint ( Agastache  'Shimmering Clouds') - Image © Pam Pavela

Hummingbird mint (Agastache 'Shimmering Clouds') - Image © Pam Pavela

  • Beautiful water-efficient landscapes
  • Healthy soils with a greater diversity of beneficial microbes 
  • Cleaner oceans and waterways 
  • Greater diversity of pollinators and beneficial wildlife  
  • Cleaner air
  • Energy conservation
  • Lower water, electric, and gas bills

Photo courtesy of the Theodore Payne Foundation

Photo courtesy of the Theodore Payne Foundation